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Pressure transmitter

KM35 – digital gauge of excess, absolute and differential pressure. It is suitable for installation in SIL security systems.

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Pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitters are designed for continuous transformation of excess, absolute and differential pressure, level of liquids, gases, and vapors flow into a standardized output signal of direct current or in digital Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus and HART. Pressure transmitters are used to work with secondary recording and indicating equipment in automatic control systems, regulation and technological processes control in various industries.

KM35 pressure transmitters is the accuracy of measurement, reliability and ease of use. Our devices meet the most stringent requirements arising in various industries.

For this reason, we have also equipped our devices with advanced diagnostic functions: warning and alarm signals of critical values necessary for process monitoring. Thanks to the onboard diagnostics, you can monitor the maintenance and calibration intervals.

KM35 pressure transmitters are extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical impact, as well as electromagnetic interference.

Intelligent КМ35 pressure transmitters convenient and easily adjusted via three buttons and the integrated display.

Thanks to the body made of aluminum or stainless steel, KM35 converters are extremely resistant to external factors. The design with welded measuring membrane does not require the use of additional seals, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The intelligent pressure transmitter has extensive communication capabilities: in addition to the 4…20 mA output signal, KM35 devices support HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA communication protocols. They allow you to read the measured value of the device, diagnostic parameters and make changes to the configuration.

KM35 differs by comprehensive user-friendliness, wide diagnostic functions and high measurement accuracy.


Measured parameters Excess, absolute, differential pressure
Pressure range 0…700 bar
Accuracy class ±0,04…2,5 %
Pressure readjustment range 100:1
Membrane material Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Tantalum, Monel, Gold
Output 4…20 ma with HART, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA
Measured environment temperature -40…100 °С
Supply voltage 10,5…45 V DC
Intertesting interval 5 years
Process connection
M20х1,5, G ½, ½-14NPT, flange
Protection degree IP65/67/68
Explosion protection Exia/Exd
Environment temperature -60…85 °С


  • Transmitter – 1;
  • Passport (including certificate of verification) — 1;
  • PC User manual — 1;
  • Package – 1;
  • The possibility of completing the valve blocks, separation membranes, cable glands.


  • Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments;
  • Permission to use in supervised production (GOST R, SIL2/3);
  • Certificate of conformity TR CU 012/2011.


Warranty period – 24 months

Опросный лист КМ35 с интерактивными формами
2 Mb
Опросный лист КМ35 (без интерактивных форм)
2 Mb
Описание типа средства измерения
2 Mb
Руководство по эксплуатации КМ35 v1.03
2 Mb
Свидетельство об утверждении типа средств измерений (преобразователь давления КМ35)
2 Mb
Сертификат преобразователей давления КМ35 ТР ТС 012 (взрывозащита)
2 Mb
Сертификат соответствия преобразователей давления КМ35 NACE ГОСТ Р
456 Kb
Сертификат соответствия преобразователей давления КМ35 SIL2-SIL3
881 Kb
Методика поверки МЦКЛ.0235.МП
10 Mb
Декларация ТР ТС 032-13 Преобразователи давления КМ35
542 Kb
Декларация ТР ТС 020 (ЭМС) НОВАЯ до 2023г
496 Kb