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Integrated design

The experience allows us to use the products of both our own and foreign manufacturers at all engineering stages, but also to test and commission new technological equipment.

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Integrated design

At present, we can proudly say that the technical equipment, experience, and, most importantly, the qualification and high-quality personnel allows the RPE «GKS» to act as a engineering company capable of taking on the general engineering functions.

RPE «GKS» is ready to perform any section of project activities according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87 of 2008 either independently or with the assistance of qualified partners.

The same can be said about the development of work documentation, engineering documentation for technological equipment of work projects.

Projects development is most effective if it is based on a technical audit and a complex survey of the Customer’s facility. The best solution can be found only through the joint efforts of our companies, so there is a constant exchange of experience and knowledge at the design stage. In the development of projects, special attention is paid to the wishes of our customers and the requirements of normative technical documents, while we always take the local conditions of the facility into account, technological and quality indicators of the work product. Engineering works are performed by highly qualified specialists from our Planning and Design Bureau.

For each facility, the company RPE «GKS» carries out:

  • The source data and technical specifications development and coordination with the customer;
  • The project development and release in coordination with the general designer on the facility;
  • A set of design documentation development for the manufacturer;
  • Work project development;
  • Coordination in the government regulatory agencies;
  • Metrological expertise, environmental expertise, industrial safety expertise;
  • Operational documentation development;
  • Field supervision during the project implementation at the customer’s facility.

Depending on the customer’s task we will perform high-quality design and construction work:

  • Systems and installations of any level of complexity;
  • Turnkey systems or individual technological units;
  • Manufacturing, reconstruction or modernization of systems and installations.

Realizing the need for metrological support of the project at the design stage, we conduct metrological expertise of the project in the Federal Agencies of Technical Regulation and Metrology.