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Our company has been working successfully in fulfilling objectives related to technical and metrological support of automated operation process control systems.

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The maintenance frequency is determined from the accompanying system equipment, which requires routine works. Services are also provided for the continuous maintenance of systems with the permanent presence of technical specialists at the facility who carry out their activities in three main areas: metrology, automatic process control system, process instruments.

The main objective of the engineer-metrologist is to conduct field measures with the Federal Law «On ensuring the uniformity of measurements» requirements, timely delivery of process instruments to verification. The automatic process control system engineer’s objectives include a list of activities to maintain the computational controllers, automated operators workplaces, software updating, adjusting algorithms and mimic in connection with the production objectives expansion. The process instruments engineer monitors the instrumentation operability, and also performs maintenance of the object automation entire lower level.

RPE «GKS» has all the necessary permits for the activities in the above areas, is a member of «Soyuzneftegazproekt» and has the relevant certificates of admission to work in accordance with the Federal Law «About self-regulatory organizations».

In a frame of process instruments and system maintenance, preparation of process instruments for verification can be carried out. Verification of process instruments can be carried out by the metrological service of RPE «GKS», which has an accreditation for the right of verification.