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Service and metrology service

One of the main RPE «GKS» activities is metrological services and technical support of measurement systems (metering stations) for liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons (oil, oil products, gas condensate, gas, etc.).

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Service and metrology service

The metrological service of RPE «GKS» has accreditation for the right to calibrate process instruments. The number in the register of accredited metrological services of legal entities No. 1467 (order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of February 10, 2009 No. 489).

The metrological service of RPE «GKS» has a reference base in the hydrocarbons quantitative and qualitative parameters measurement field, sufficient to carry out the full calibration of the process instruments which are included in the measurement systems:

  • volume and mass flow;
  • temperature;
  • pressure;
  • analog I / O measuring and computing controllers;
  • gas and liquid physical and chemical parameters.

Calibration of measuring instruments can be carried out at the place of operation and on the basis of the metrological laboratory of RPE «GKS».

The metrological service of RPE «GKS» also calibrates the process channels of the automatic process control system, emergency shutdown system, automatic fire extinguishing and gas control systems.

The metrological service of the enterprise organizes and participates in:

  • in cooperation with testing centers, the metrological service conducts tests for the purpose of approving the process instruments type, developing methods for calibrating process instruments and measuring systems, developing a set of documentation for submission for expertise at VNIIMS and further for approving the type of process instrument at «Rosstandard»;
  • a complex of measuring instruments maintenance and calibration for volume and mass flow, temperature, pressure, density, water volume fraction, component and fractional composition, capacity measures (standard measures) process and computing controllers, quantity measurement systems and liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons quality indicators;the development (in accordance with GOST R 8.563-2009 and GOST R 8.595-2004) of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons mass measuring methods followed by certification and registration by the Federal Information Fund for Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements;
  • the implementation of a complex of works for metrological support in the gas industry facilities design in accordance with the STO Gazprom 2-1.15-205-2008 «Metrological support in the design of gas industry facilities».