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Gas quantity and quality parameters metering system

GQMS represents a set of measuring instruments and auxiliary devices, which are designed for measuring, recording the results of measurements and calculations of gas volume brought to standard conditions.

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Gas quantity and quality parameters metering system

GQMS — block and unit plant prefabricated process equipment intended for automated gas flow parameters metering.

Flow measurement and natural gas quantification is effected by one of the following ways:

  • by gradual pressure differential method;
  • by measuring of the volume flow rate (volume) of gas with measuring of the volume flow rate at operating conditions, with subsequent recalculation to standard conditions;
  • by measuring of the mass flow rate (mass) of gas with measuring of mass flow means, with subsequent recalculation to the volume flow rate (volume) at standard conditions.

The volume flow rate of gas at the operating conditions can be measured with volume flow transducers: turbine, chamber, swirl, and ultrasound ones.

For the flow rate and the amount of natural gas metering as well as for control of conditions for application of the measurement method we need information of the natural gas status as well as its physical and chemical parameters. This information can be obtained by the in-line analytical systems on the basis of the industrial gas chromatographs, or basing on the results of samples analysis carried out in laboratories accredited for the chemical analysis. The function of physical and chemical parameters calculating on the basis of the data on the component composition and the working media parameters is performed by the analytical controller supplied with the certified software «ZILANT».

Relative error limits by gas volume metering reduced to standard conditions depending on the performance of gas metering unit ranges from ± 0,8%. Please fill out and send us the questionnaire for the study of technical solutions under a particular task.

Questionnaire on the establishment of a metering system
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