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Liquid hydrocarbon media quantity and quality parameters measuring system

Liquid hydrocarbon media (HCM) – is a stable and unstable gas condensate, wide fraction of light hydrocarbons, de-ethanized gas condensate, oil-gas condensate mixtures in conditions of the measurement in single-phase (liquid) state.

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Liquid hydrocarbon media quantity and quality parameters measuring system

System of quantity and quality of liquid hydrocarbon media measurement – is a set of measuring instruments and devices, providing measurements of mass flow rate and gross mass of hydrocarbon raw materials and, if necessary, the definition of quality parameters.

Depending on the status of metering operations these systems are divided into units of commercial metering, self-financing metering units, and units of technological metering.

In general, the metering unit consists of blocks that are listed in the table:

Unit of Notification
Measuring lines (MLU)
Quality control (QCU) of HCM When required
Filters (FU) When required
Working reference of flow rate (WRFU) When required
Collection, processing and transfer of information (IPU)

Separate filters installed at the inlet of each measuring line after the shutoff valves can be used instead of BF.

A number of elements may be excluded in the self-supporting and technological metering units, except BCC, depending on their requirements for measurement accuracy, automation level and the specific use of MS. For example WRFB or remote pressure and temperature sensors can be not provided for, various isolation valves without electric drive and leakage control may be used instead of ball valves with electrically controlled leaks.

Limits of relative error of measurement of gross mass of media depending on the metering unit are as follows:

  • on the units of commercial metering — 0.25%;
  • on the units of self-supporting metering — from 0.35 to 2.5%;
  • on the units of technological metering — up to 5% (depending on the tasks of metering).

The analytical controller with certified software «BARS» performs the function of physical and chemical parameters calculating on the basis of data on the component composition and parameters of the working media.

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